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Complete Semi Automatic Line for Cup Cakes

The Production Line Layout:

The process includes premixer machine to mix primary material for the dough. The dough is then transferred through a pump to turbo mixer for aeration.
The homogenized dough is transferred through pump to the depositor.
The Depositor is capable of producing various types of cupcake from 10-500g depending on cup cake trays in different shapes. The dough depositor deposits the desired weight of dough into the trays.

  • The complete line of machinery inludes:



Used for: Mixing cupcake dough/ mainly for liquid and primary mixing




Used for: Aeration the dough. Equipped with double-jacket SS tank.


Cake Dpositor

Cake Dpositor

Used for: Depositing dough intro tray molds with single or double color

Roraty Oven<br></br>

Roraty Oven

Used for: Baking cookies,cakes,biscuits

Dough Mixer<br></br>

Dough Mixer

Used for: Cooling the baked products


Flow Pack<br></br>

Flow Pack

Used for: Packing the finished product

Product Weight
Required Space
Power Consumption
Gas Consumption
400 -700 kg/h
15 -150g
18 x 12 m2
30 - 40 m3