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Complete Full Automatic Line for Cup Cakes

The Production Line Layout:

An integrated line designed to create your target product to match and fulfill the market demands for cupcakes and muffins.

The line has been designed for the utmost variety of capabilities & capacity. For this purpose, lots of additional accessories are insertable within the layout. Each line is designed according to the final product machinery & equipment considering available space.

The line mainly consists of:

  • Mixing

  • Homogenizing (Aeration)

  • Depositing

  • Baking

  • Cooling

  • Handling & Packing

The additional accessories include:


  • Second Mixer & Homogenizer for second color dough

  • Second Depositing System

  • Sprinkling Device for Seeds, Granule, Choco-Chips etc.

  • Robot for Automatic Products Transfer

  • Injecting System for Inserting Chocolate or Marmalade

  • Depositor Head for Two-Color Cup Cake Products

  • Donut Heads

  • Tray Washing Drying System

  • Oil Spray

Premixer & Turbomixer<br>

Premixer & Turbomixer

Used for: Mixing Cupcake Dough/Mainly for Liquid & Primary Mixing

Cake Depositor<br>

Cake Depositor

Used for: Depositing dough into tray molds with single or double color

Automation for Transferring Trays

Automation for Transferring Trays

Used for: Automatic Feeding Without Hand Interference

Tunnel Oven<br>

Tunnel Oven

Used for: Baking Cup cakes.



Automation Unit

Automation Unit

Used for: Transferring the Products Tray From Tunnel Oven

Deppaning Robot

Deppaning Robot

Used for: Lifting the Baked Cupcakes Without Hand Intervention

Chocolate/Marmalad Injection Machine

Chocolate/Marmalad Injection Machine

Used for: Injecting Chocolate & Marmalade

Tray Washing System

Tray Washing System

Used for: Cup Cake Automation System to Wash up the Trays.

Transporting Conveyor

Transporting Conveyor

Used for: Transporting Trays to the Depositor

Incline Conveyor</br>

Incline Conveyor

Used for: Transferring the products to spiral

Ambient Spiral Cooler

Ambient Spiral Cooler

Used for: Cooling the Products

Tray Returning System

Tray Returning System

Used for: Returning Trays

Transferring Conveyor

Transferring Conveyor

Used for: Transferring the products to packing

Flow Pack</br>

Flow Pack

Used for: Packing the finished product

Production Capacity
Product Weight
Required Space
Power Consumption
Gas Consumption
400-700 kg/h
15- 150 g
41 x 15 m2
60 kW
40 - 50 m3
700 - 1000 kg/h
15 - 150g
53 x 15 m2
73 kW
50 - 75 m3
800 - 1300 kg/h
15 - 150 g
70 x 15 m2
90 kW
75 - 100 m3