Twin Ambient Spiral Cooler OMSP Ideal for Cooling Various Bakery Products

“OMIDI INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY COMPANY” is the manufacturer of various spiral coolers with different widths ranging from 12 to 45 inches and the length range varies between 50 and 1000m to circulate cool air above 0 degree or below freezing temperature 0 degree for food producing factories, cake,centerfilled cookies, bread, dairy factories
and etc.
OMIDI Spiral Coolers offer the following advantages:

1. Belt widths from 12 inch up to 45 inch.
2. Spiral belts are all plastic modular.
3. Designed for each customer individual requirements.
4. Built in mild or stainless steel.
5. Drums in stainless for increased hygiene.
6. Take up minimum footprint in factory.
7. Low maintenance design.
8. Supplied in modular form for easy erection on site.
9. Control panel with P.L.C & inverter controlled drives.
10. Full belt protection system.
11. Supplied world wide.