Buy used food machinery complete guide

Buying used food machinery (processing and packaging) is a complicated and delicate process since a lot of money is at stake. If you are trying to find a used food machinery and don’t know what to take into consideration, we suggest you to read this used food machinery buying guide before making the purchase. Omidi industrial machinery with years of experience will help you to find the best used machine for your specific needs.

Buying used food machinery (advantages)

Buying used food machinery instead of a new machine has many advantages including lower costs and well known problems, drawbacks, or advantages of the machine since it was in use for some time now. So if you buy a second hand food processing machine you can save money and make sure that you know every technical aspect of the machine.

Buy second hand food machinery (disadvantages)

Disadvantages of buying second hand food processing and packaging machine includes unavailability of services and component support over time, change of technology and possible problems of the machine due to working pressures that might not be revealed to buyer.

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Why you should buy a used food machine

The main reason for buying second hand food machinery can be the lower cost of purchase. Since used machines can be considerably cheaper than a new one, buying second hand food machinery can simply save you a fortune. However, you must try to find machinery that has been maintained well and still has a lot of life left in them.

How to trust a used machine

When buying second hand food machines it is reasonable to have doubts, however buying industrial machinery is different from buying a car or other types of used equipment and tools. Every machine must come with a paper trail that includes the machine’s maintenance records with in-depth information about the machine and its operating history.

The best way to inspect machine condition is to check the machine yourself  by the help of a professional if possible. Check every single function of the machine and make sure if they work properly.

Researching about the history of the previous models of the machine is also a good idea.

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When buying a used food processing machine you must take into account the following factors:

Used food machinery service availability

The first important thing before buying used food machinery is to research about the machine that you are looking for. New food processing and packaging machines are complicated and if you don’t know how to maintain your machine it might cost you a lot of money, energy and time. So before purchasing the machine research about the supplier and see if he has a good record of providing guarantees and expert service for their machines.

Used food machinery upgrades

The food machinery industry is constantly evolving and changing and this might be a problem when you are buying a used machine. So one of the most important things that you must make sure of is that your machine is being updated and upgraded for your specific needs and also that it will be upgraded in the future if necessary. So make sure that you research about upgradability of your machine before buying .

Used food machinery maintenance cost

Food processing machines are made of a lot of mechanical, electrical and mechatronics components that com in different models so before buying your machine make sure of the availability of replacement component parts.

Second hand food machine quality

Quality of the used food machine is a factor that reveals itself over time. So take some time to research about the machine that you tend to buy and see what others have to say about the machine. Since this process is absolutely technical and needs the advice of a professional and experienced technician, you can contact us to ask your questions and ask about the process. Omidi industrial machinery with experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying food machinery to more than 50 countries across the globe offers free consulting services for their costumers.

How to find a reputed used machinery supplier

Before you contact a machinery supplier make sure that you researched about the reputation of the supplier. For this purpose you can read online reviews or contact their previous customers to get information.

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When to avoid purchasing a used food machine

Since all the food machinery suppliers are trying to keep profitability by cutting down costs as much as possible then you have to make sure that you buy your machine from a reputable source. You must avoid buying second hand food machinery in the following situations:

1-      buying an old machine

2-      Buying a machine with high working hours

3-      Buying a machine that is not well maintained

what to look for in a second hand food machine

the first thing that you must keep in mind when buying food processing machinery  no matter second hand or new is to make sure that the machine meets your production needs. (production range and production capacity).

Second you must check the maintenance history of the machine and finally check how many hours the machine has under it’s belt.


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Buying used food machinery bottom line

Buying used food equipment comes with many challenges that can simply cost you a fortune. The best way to buy food machinery is to contact with a reputable food machinery supplier. Omidi industrial machinery has years of experience in manufacturing and supplying food machinery to costumers from all over the world since 1990. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional agents and technicians are here to answer your calls.

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